In Episode 2 part 2 Graig and Dan discuss the Yankees outfield and reveal their favorite baseball movies.

Episode 2 part 1 of 2- Graig and Dan discuss A-Rod's press conference.

Hey Yankees fans! The 2009 season is approaching quickly, and we're getting excited at Yankees Fancast. Here is our very first Podcast. Graig and I reflect on A-Rod, the Yankees 2009 Depth Cart, and more. Now, we do this Podcast from our homes (Graig and I are family guys) using Skype, so we apologize for the occasional background noise known as our children. We hope you all enjoy the show and our Yankees Fancast Group on Facebook-// Please feel free to contact us via email: Your feedback and suggestions are appreciated. Look for our second Podcast soon.

Thanks, Dan

My buddy Graig and I created Yankees Fancast because..... well we're die hard Yankees fans, and we wanted a forum to discuss, debate, and celebrate all things Yankees.

We're using Podbean to host our Yankees Fancast Podcasts.  Stay tuned we should have our 1st podcast up in the coming weeks.


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Yankees Fancast
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